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Over the years we have developed a broad portfolio of successful air, land and sea transportation. Thanks to innovations, specialized experts and competitive pricing, our service is of the highest quality and fully meets segment requirements. Nowadays, Kairos Logistics is represented worldwide and serves small, medium and large companies


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Our priority is to take care of customer comfort, so we offer continuous communication system to keep you informed at all times at the cargo locationOur priority is to take care of customer comfort, so we offer continuous communication system to keep you informed at all times at the cargo location

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Road freight occupies a leading position in logistics. It is one of the most in demand services, its relevance is due to several factors:

 РIn case of short distance shipping, land transport allows us to reduce transportation costs

– Trucks can provide 24-hour delivery service as they do not depend on airport, rail or port schedules. Trucking capabilities allow us to choose flexible routes and control freight at any stage of shipping. They ship large and small volumes of goods, whether regular, unregistered, dangerous or oversized

Kairos Logistics offers customers both domestic and international land transportation

Our experienced staff organizes a wide range of international cargo transportation (including perishable and dangerous). We choose the optimal route based on your individual needs.

With our contracts with International Airlines and Aviation Freight Terminals, we make every stage of our transportation process competitive, delivering superior service, maintaining market leadership.

Air transportation is characterized by shorter shipping times and maximum cargo security

Maritime shipping has historically been a leading part of international trade and is still popular today.

Maritime transport is characterized by low cost, high capacity and minimal cargo volume. The use of containers is recommended for the safety of transportable goods

Our team of professionals provides project logistics to customers, which is the most difficult procedure in logistics. It requires not only full involvement of employees at all stages of shipping, but also engineering, economic, geographical and in some cases political education. During the implementation of logistics projects, it is important to carefully plan each step so that the overall supply chain is not interrupted

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  • We take care of our customer
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We take care of our customer

A company with a professional logistics service that strives to help companies increase productivity and stay on track for growth

Project Logistics

Archi Group – Transportation of factory oversized cargoes

Nestlé РExport of 100% perishable cargo from Russia

Oriflame – Transportation of expensive cosmetics

Borjomi – Export of carbonated drinks to Ukraine


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    Kairos Logistics was founded in 2013. The team was staffed by several people who came together in one idea. The idea was to create a professional and reliable logistics service like no other in the Georgian transportation market. Over the past year, the company has been able to achieve its goal, make great strides towards development and gain experience that guarantees professionalism to day. A space has been created where shipping of any difficulty can be performed worldwide

    We ship any type of cargo

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